Whether it’s nail biting, hair pulling, drinking alcohol or emotional habits like anger, resentment, or judgement, these behaviours can be hard to overcome on your own. That’s where I come in. Using hypnotherapy and other complementary techniques, I can help you break those habits and form new ones that align with your goals and values.

Maybe you’re a chronic procrastinator, wasting time and missing out on opportunities. Or perhaps you grind your teeth at night, causing damage to your dental health. Whatever your habit may be, it’s important to recognise that it’s not a character flaw or a sign of weakness. It’s simply a behaviour that you’ve learned and reinforced over time.

With my guidance, we can work together to break the cycle of your habit and create new patterns of behaviour that serve you better.

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Other common problems and conditions hypnotherapy can be used for are:

  • Weight Reduction (Including Hypnotic Gastric Band)
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Comfortable Childbirth
  • Confidence Building and Self-esteem
  • Depression treatment
  • Dreams – Understand the Message
  • Exam Nerves
  • Fertility
  • Food Cravings
  • Phobias
  • Public Speaking
  • Fears
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Insomnia Treatment
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Pain Control
  • Past Life Regression
  • Private and Corporate Stress Workshops
  • Sexual Problems
  • ADHD
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Psychosexual Issues
  • Substance Abuse
  • Panic Attacks
  • P.M.T.
  • Skin Problems
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Warts

Using suggestion techniques, we work with your subconscious mind to identify the root causes of your issues and help you change your behaviour. Whether you need just one session or multiple, I can customise our approach to meet your needs and goals.

Guramrit Randhawa
Guramrit Randhawa
17 April 2024
Kam is brilliant!She has helped me change my mindset. Overcome obstacles that were holding me back. Thankyou for everything it has been the best experience😊
17 April 2024
Thank you Mindflow Hypnotherapy for guiding me through the EMDR process. My anxiety was at an all time high regarding a recent career move. You helped me process the emotions associated with this so that I could make a life alterating decision and I am much happier as a result <3!!!
A Kaur
A Kaur
10 January 2024
An amazing transformative session with Mindflow Hypnotherapy led me to secure a job, without having an interview in 15 years! I first contacted Kam regarding sessions for boost in confidence and I never really got around to scheduling in. I had secured an interview which crippled me with anxiety, at the thought of attending an interview after 15 years. I felt so overwhelmed it prevented me from being able to prepare and even rescheduled the interview. I then got in touch with Kam, she was very responsive and accommodating she squeezed me in as my interview was two days away. After my Hypnotherapy session I felt such a boost in my confidence, the techniques Kam subconsciously programmed through my session aided me during my interview to feel calm and at ease. My main objective was to have the confidence to gain the experience of attending an interview, not only did I feel confident during a 3 panel interview I went on to secure the role. Without a doubt this is down to having my session with Kam, without it I don’t think I could have attended on the day. Kam’s approach is compassionate and caring, she is very welcoming and radiates positivity. Not only was Kam amazing during my session, she also went above and beyond by sending me interview preparation links and contacted me to wish me luck on the day. I honestly can’t thank Kam enough for having such a positive impact on me after one session. I would encourage anyone looking to book in with Kam not to hesitate, as my journey is testament to the impact she can make. It is clear her driving force is to create a difference.
Louise Hamilton
Louise Hamilton
6 July 2023
I would highly recommend Kam as a hypnotherapist….she is calming, empathetic and caring. She helped me make healthier choices in foods and the changes have been permanent! I haven’t eaten a cookie in the six months since she treated me!
michael singh
michael singh
26 June 2023
Highly recommend. I went to Kam as I have been suffering for a few years with anxiety, fatigue and energy, she was very professional in the way she conducted the session , she made me feel very calm, relaxed and i was able to open my mind to this type of therapy. I was abit wary whether this would help but i gave it a go and glad to say i do not regret it at all, even after 1 session i came out of the session with a massive boost of energy , I had alot more mental clarity and in the weeks that followed this has only continued. I would highly recommend Kam , if you have ever considered this type of therapy i would definitely give it a go. Thank you again Kam
Mel B
Mel B
13 June 2023
I recently had hypnotherapy from Kam. I was slightly Skeptical initially as it was my first hypnotherapy session and didn’t know if it would work on me or if I would get into ‘the zone’. But I was amazed at how effective it was and the results. I personally had hypnotherapy for cravings to assist in my weight loss journey, and I can’t believe the amazing results of the therapy. I have recommended Kam’s services to everyone I know! If you are considering it, I would definitely say take that step- you won’t regret it!
jyoti j
jyoti j
10 May 2023
Kam is a thorough professional. She listens to you taking note of the smallest details, she then prepares the sessions. I have greatly benefited from her working with her. I would recommend Kam to anyone seeking hypnotherapy. It was interesting to see how she was able to really help with my issues.
Dorota Keight
Dorota Keight
9 May 2023
I had a number of session with Kam. She listened carefully to what I wanted to deal with and we addressed various issues one by one. I secured great results that I am really happy with. Kam is very caring and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend her.
Maloku Maloku
Maloku Maloku
8 May 2023
I recently had the pleasure of working with an incredibly skilled hypnotherapist Kam. I was initially skeptical about the practice of hypnotherapy, but after a few sessions with Kam, I am a complete believer in its transformative power. From the very beginning, Kam made me feel comfortable and at ease. She took the time to get to know me and understand my unique needs and goals for our sessions. Through a series of guided visualisations and relaxation techniques, Kam helped me to access a deeper level of consciousness and gain insight into my subconscious thought patterns. What I found most impressive about Kam was her ability to tailor each session to my specific needs. She was incredibly intuitive and knew just the right questions to ask to guide me towards breakthroughs and realisations that I had never even considered before. I left each session feeling lighter, more empowered, and more in touch with my true self. If you are considering hypnotherapy, I would highly recommend Kam. She is a true professional, a gifted healer, and an all-around wonderful human being. Thank you, Kam, for helping me to unlock my true potential and live my best life!
Rupinder Gill
Rupinder Gill
7 May 2023
Couldn’t recommend enough, extremely professional throughout the whole process from beginning to end. Felt completely relaxed and at ease. I’m glad I chose Mindflow Hypnotherapy to be a part of my journey…so grateful..thank you!